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CEFIXIME 200 MG, CLAVULANATE 125MG - This medicine is used to treat bacterial infection. Also, the medicine is the combination of two medications that is cefixime and clavulanic acid. It is an antibiotic and works well for bacterial infections. Also, the medicine has various side effects, benefits and many other things that has been mentioned below.

How to use it?

The medicine is used to treat various bacterial infections that can be in the urinary tract, ear, throat, lungs, and uncomplicated gonorrhea. Bacterial infection can be caused due to spread of harmful bacteria inside our body. You can swallow the medicine with glass water. You should never chew, crush or eat the medicine. If you are taking it in the form of syrup then you should dilute it in water or take one spoon with the water. Also, always shake the pack before consuming it. 

What are the benefits of the medicine?

This medicine is very beneficial for bacterial infections. The medicine gives relief or cures the bacterial infection. It is an antibiotic that is extremely effective. The formulation is the combination of two medicines. Also, it is recommended to complete the course completely. One another medicinal benefits are that it kills the bacteria and completely removes them from our body. Also, it further stops the spread of the infection. Although, it does not work against the infections caused by viruses including cold and flu. 

What are the side effects?

The side effects of the medicine are very common and can occur to anyone. The side effects that are very certain and are also very common are :

  • Diarrhea - One can suffer from diarrhea after the consumption of this medicine.
  • Nausea - Nausea is also very common. One can feel nausea also if the dosage is not right.
  • Vomiting - If you are overdosing or your body is not accepting the medicine then you might puke.
  • In addition, if you still feel that there are some other side effects you are observing in your body then you should consider visiting a doctor right away. 

Drug Warnings

It is advised that you should never consume these medicines without the recommendation of the doctor. For anyone who has been suffering from any allergies, or should always talk to their doctor first and get to know about any allergies the medicine can cause. Also, pregnant and lactating mothers should first talk to their gynecologist. Get in touch with your doctor and only then consume these medicines. 

What to avoid during the course?

There are a lot of things that are told to be avoided during the course of the medication. One should avoid consuming alcohol or any other drug such as marijuana. Doctors usually ask to avoid such drugs. Anyone who has a lot of consumption of alcohol should reduce their consumption for some time. In addition, during pregnancy, this medicine is avoided. Also, if you are breast feeding then also you should avoid it as the child may catch the infection. The dosage of the medicine should also not affect the liver and kidneys of the person. So, try consuming it according to the prescription of the doctor. 


The conclusion is that the medicine is very much effective and Blue Water Research is also a very reputed pharma company and is manufacturing this medicine in abundance. You can connect with the company for the quality medicines.