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Composition : CLONAZEPAM 1MG

Packing : 5+5SRALU-ALU

Price : Rs. .

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CLONAZEPAM 1MG  - This medicine falls under the category of anti psychiatric medicinal range. The whole purpose of medicine is to prevent and control seizures. People who suffer from time to time panic attacks and this medicine truly helps in controlling the health issue. To know more about medicine read the following topic.

About the medicine

The medicine’s sole purpose is to calm the mind from unnecessary stress, and tension and bring peace to some extent. The ingredients that are used in the medicine are meant to calm the nerves in our brains. The medicine helps in calming the brain and the nerves as well. 

Learn how to use?

Well, it is extremely easy to use the medicine. The medicine is available in both forms that are in tablet form and in liquid form. It is suggested not to break, chew or crush the medicine. The medicine is extremely effective. Continue with the course for a longer time as suggested by the doctor. Also, one should never leave the medicine in between as it can affect the medical health even more. Especially in the case of children, the dosage of the medicine depends on the weight of the child. The old aged are advised to take a lower dose as it can give a lot of side effects. 

About Blue Water Research 

Blue water research is dedicated to manufacturing top notch anti psychiatric medicines. The medicinal range varies from its composition and depends on the price rate of the medicines. If you are looking for a genuine pharma product range then you should surely connect with Blue Water Research. Last but not the least, we also give the franchise opportunities. These franchise deals are in the product range as well. 

Side effects

Well, some of the major side effects that are observed are dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness, loss of coordination, and increased saliva production. If any of these side effects get worse then you should see a doctor. The medication is prescribed by the doctor and if you face any side effects then also look for a doctor right away. The medicine if not taken in the right amount can affect people that are suffering from depression, suicide, seizure, bipolar disorders, or mental problems. Some of the other side effects that can be observed are:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Swelling 
  • Severe dizziness
  • Trouble breathing


The conclusion of the description states that the products that we manufacture are undoubtedly the best. They are manufactured under the guidelines of the team of the World health organization. On the other hand, Blue Water Research is a very hardworking company. It manufactures a very wide range of pharma products range. Join the firm and contact tem for the widest range of pharma products.