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Composition : CLONAZEPAM 0.25MG

Packing : R.P.ALU-ALU

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CLONAZEPAM 0.25MG - The medicine is mainly used to prevent and control seizures. It comes under the category of anti psychiatric medicine. In the description below we have mentioned all the information about the medicine. 

About BPAM-0.25

This medicine is mainly used for the treatment of anxiety disorders and seizures. The medicine is used to treat panic attacks. This medicine is used by calming your brain and nerves. It falls under the category of anti psychiatric. 

Usage of the medicine

The medicine is advised to consume under the directions of the doctor. Consume the medicine directed by the doctor. It is usually recommended to consume the medicine twice or thrice a day. In addition, the results of the medicine depend on the body condition or medical condition. The age, medical condition, and many other things depend on the physical activity of the patient. For children in particular it is based on weight. The older ones are recommended to start with a lower dose to avoid any serious side effects. Never stop the medicine in between. You should always complete the dosage or course of the medication. 

The medicine can also be an addiction. The risk of this medicine is higher if you consume other substances such as drugs or alcohol. Consult your doctor before taking the medicines. 

Aftereffects of the medicine

Drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness, loss of coordination, or increased saliva production is the common side effects of the medicines. If you feel the side effects observed are getting worse then connect to the nearest doctor as soon as possible. You may also experience depression, suicidal thoughts, or other changes in mood. If you see the changes then connect with a doctor now. 

The allergic reactions that are caused because of the medicines are rashes, itching, swelling on the face, tongue, or throat, severe dizziness, or trouble breathing. 


Talk to your doctor before the consumption of the medicine. The doctor should make sure it does not have any inactive ingredients that will cause a reaction to your allergies. If you have any medical history such as eye problems, certain blood disorders, liver disease, kidney disease, lung or breathing problems, mental or mood problems, or family history you should tell your doctor beforehand. 

The medicine can also cause drowsiness or dizziness. Consumption of alcohol or marihuana can make you more dizzy or drowsy. Avoid driving during the course of the medicine. In children, the long term effects on their physical and mental health might be visible later in their life older adults might be sensitive to the medicine and can feel drowsy and confused. Avoid the consumption of the medicine during pregnancy. The medicine can cause serious harm to both the mother and the child. If you are planning a baby then you should have a word with your doctor. For lactating mothers, the medicine can be quite harmful as the harsh effects of the medicine can pass through breast feeding. Always consult your doctor before consumption. 


The conclusion of the medicine is that this is really helpful for people that are suffering from panic attacks. Blue Water Research is the leading manufacturer of this medicine. Contact us for the best medical products.