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Composition : AMISULPRIDE 50MG

Packing : 5+5SRALU-ALU

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AMISULPRIDE 50MG - The medicine belongs to the anti psychiatric medicine category. It causes restlessness in the mind. Blue Water Research has been manufacturing the formula and has named the product AMP-50. We have mentioned all the side effects, after effects, and precautions one must take. 

Role of the medicine

This medicine helps in treating schizophrenia. It falls under the category of anti psychiatric medicines. It is used to treat nausea and vomiting post-surgery. If taken in high dosages AMISULPRIDE also treats schizophrenia and acute psychotic problems. Schizophrenia is a mental condition in which the person may feel, hear, or see things that are not there, believe things that are not true, or feel unusually suspicious or confused. It is a kind of hallucination that a person feels.

The medicine works by blocking chemical messengers' effects in the brain (dopamine and serotonin). It helps in improving mood, behavior, and thoughts. The medicine completely elevates the symptoms of the disease and prevents them from coming back.  In this way, it improves disturbed thoughts, feelings, and behavior. 

How to take it?

You are suggested to take the medicine under the guidance of experienced doctors. Also, the dosage completely depends on your medical condition. Never take this medicine without the guidance of a doctor. 

What are the side effects of this medicine?

You may experience certain common side-effects such as uncontrolled moments of arms and legs, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), feeling anxious or agitated, feeling drowsy or sleepy, constipation, feeling or being sick, dry mouth, putting on weight, unusual production of breast milk in women and men, breast pain, menstrual period stops, and blurred vision. Although these medicines do not require medical attention if you still feel any uneasiness in your body then you must see a doctor right away. Any other side effects than these require medical attention. 

Drug warnings

People who are suffering from medical conditions such as kidney problems, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, fits (epileptic seizures), unusual heart rate (rhythm), elderly, low potassium levels in your blood, taking any drugs which may lower potassium levels (such as thiazide, diuretics, bendroflumethiazide, hydrochlorothiazide), stroke, history of blood clots, low number of white blood cells (agranulocytosis) should consult with a doctor before taking AMISULPRIDE. Avoid taking AMP-50 if you are allergic to AMP-50 or any of its contents. Also, avoid taking AMP-50 if you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless prescribed.


We hope you are now aware of the benefits, side effects, and other things you should know about the medicine. You can try our AMP-50 and get 100% results. Blue Water Research is a certified pharmaceutical company and has been manufacturing the best pharma products.