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Top 10 Medicines To Boost Sales of Pharmacy & Medical Clinics

Top 10 Medicines To Boost Sales of Pharmacy & Medical Clinics - Today, pharmaceutical companies play an important role as they create safer and more effective medicines for human consumption. In fact, with the help of modern medicine, the life expectancy of people across the world has collectively increased by just 65 years. In this blog, we provide the Top 10 Medicines To Boost Sales of Pharmacy & Medical Clinics.

Nowadays, those who start a new pharma business do not know about medicine and they do not know how the pharmaceutical business can help in increasing Sales of Pharmacy and Medical Clinics. That is why we are here to give knowledge about the Top 10 Medicines To Boost Sales of Pharmacies & Medical Clinics.

Top 10 Medicines To Boost Sales of Pharmacy & Medical Clinics 

1. Syrup

The syrup is easy to use to sweeten hot or cold drinks. The syrup is being used for several medical issues such as acidity, liver problems, cough, kidney stones, and many more. Syrup is used as a vehicle for drugs it is mostly used for pediatric medicines. Moreover, there are two major categories of Syrups -

Aromatic/Adjuvant Syrups -These aromatic syrups enhance the taste of medicines and concentrated mixtures of sweet sugar.

Medicinal Syrups - There are two types of medicinal syrups – one is made from extracts of medicines and the other is made from chemicals.

2. Antibiotics

Some bacterial infections can be treated or prevented using antibiotics. They eradicate bacteria or prevent them from proliferating and expanding. Viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics. Individuals who are more susceptible to the deleterious consequences of illness may also be prescribed antibiotics. 

3. Capsules

Doctors often prescribe capsules as part of their treatment plans. Producing it in various dose forms is a rather simple process. Gelatin is the term for a capsule's outer shell. Additionally, two types of capsules are commonly found on the market: 

Soft Gelatin Capsules -These capsules are called soft gel because these are single-piece shells that are perfect for non-solving solutions like oils, etc. The outer coating of the capsule dissolves in no time in our stomach.

Hard Gelatin Capsules - This capsule consists of a capsule body and a cap. Active ingredients are dried and filled either through machines or manually. Most of the time, the two parts have different colors.

4. Anti Psychotropic 

Psychotropic drugs are another name for anti-psychiatric medications. These medications are used to change the amounts of chemicals in the brain that might otherwise cause behavioral changes, depression, anxiety, hypertension, and a host of other mental health problems. Anti-psychiatric medications can be divided into five major categories. These include stimulants, mood stabilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and anti-anxiety medications.

5. Anti Fungal

It is typical to find fungus in damp, humid environments. Other than mushrooms, yeast, and molds are also members of the Fungi Kingdom. Nonetheless, Candida, Aspergillosis, and numerous other pathogenic species are the most frequently caused diseases. Athlete's foot, ringworm, and eye infections are the most prevalent fungal infections. The good news is that there is treatment available and there is no risk to life. Nonetheless, their high contagiousness makes them extremely transmissible from one individual to another. The following are the primary causes of fungal infections: 

  1. The fungus can survive in air, water, and soil. These species favored living in warm, muggy, and humid climates. India is hence a great option.
  2. Indians are more likely to suffer fungal infections as a result of their unsanitary living environment.
  3. Additionally, ignorance frequently results in a fungal infection being misdiagnosed.

6. Soft Gel 

Softgels are an oral dosage form for a medication in a special capsule form. These contain a gelatin-based shell surrounding a liquid filler. Softgel shells are a combination of gelatin, water, opacifier, and plasticizer such as glycerin or sorbitol.

7. Ointments 

The ointment is a typical medication with several uses. It's an oil-based treatment for pain relief and skin infections, among other things. Ointments are widely used to treat skin-related conditions such as infections, bruising, etc., and are available for a variety of medicinal purposes. These creams can also be purchased without a prescription. India is home to more than 1.3 billion people, and as everyone knows, there is a mismatch in the country's supply and demand for pharmaceuticals. 

8. Sachet

Sachet packaging has a seal on three or four sides and is primarily used for powders, pastes, spices, and liquids. The pouches help in delivering oral solutions, salt sachets, pre-biotic fluids, etc. They are totally clean and efficient technology of drug delivery system. It is ideally used for keeping granular or powdered medicines in precise quantities.

9. Nasal Drops

This medication is used for temporary relief of nasal congestion caused by a variety of conditions including the common cold, sinusitis, hay fever, and allergies. It works by narrowing the blood vessels in the nasal area, reducing inflammation and congestion.

10. Sanitizer

Sanitizers are used to kill bacteria and viruses that come onto surfaces both inside and outside of equipment. Food service equipment that has been idle and frozen for extended periods may also be susceptible to the growth of harmful bacteria, which must be addressed before the equipment can be used again.


I hope we have given all the related information about the Top 10 Medicines To Boost Sales of Pharmacy & Medical Clinics. We have provided the list of Top 10 Medicines to boost sales of pharmacy and medical clinics to help you enhance your sales and cater to the growing demand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Which company is the best medicine trading and supplier in India?
Answer -
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Question - How do you increase sales in pharmacy?
Answer -
There are some ways to increase sales in pharma such as increasing foot Traffic, Training your staff to be available and approachable, Training your staff to have product knowledge, Cross/Up-sell, Store ambiance / retail theatre – themes and events in store, Make products easy to find, Ticketing.

Question - Is your company offering DCGI-approved medicine?
Answer -
Yes, BlueWater Research is offering ISO-certified and DCGI-approved medicine.